About Venice Pride, Inc.
Founded in 2018 by members and friends of SunCoast Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) in Venice, Florida, Venice Pride, Inc. was formed to promote awareness of the LGBTQ community and its allies. Venice Pride, Inc. serves as a catalyst to acknowledge that “We Are Here” and to provide a way to network and celebrate the diversity, visibility, and strength of the LGBTQ community and our allies and will sponsor events and projects that meets that goal.
Venice Pride, Inc. is now separately incorporated as a non-profit organization. It is managed by its own Board of Directors as a Florida 501(C)3 corporation.
As we celebrate in 2021, we have two purposes this year in the midst of this pandemic:
  • Continue the vision to make our community visible, to be out and proud together, and to remind the wider community that we are here working for justice for everyone in our city and region.
  • Raise funds for scholarships for those graduating from High School  who are LGBTQ or allies who are recommended by their school. These scholarships will be for pursuing higher education and training. The schools are excited that we will be able to help deserving students in this way, as they make their way into adulthood.
Look forward to seeing you. Join us to make our 3rd annual celebration a success!
Board of Directors
President – Rev. Nancy Wilson
Vice President – George Ward
Treasurer – Beth Ryan
Secretary – Kathy Hanas

scroll down to the map on this page click on it and you can get directions from your starting point to Venice Pride.